California Dairy Campaign


​​California Dairy Campaign
325 Mitchell Avenue
Turlock, CA 95380

The California Dairy Campaign (CDC) is an organization of dairy producers who, by working together, can move the dairy industry to be more responsive to the needs of the family dairy farm in this state.
Goals of the California Dairy Campaign:
*To achieve an equitable dairy system that will return to dairy producers a price that is fair, based on the cost of production and return on investment and management.
*To promote policies and husbandry practices that will lead to the responsible care of cattle and land to ensure safe and healthy food.
*To work at all levels to enhance the economic viability of the dairy industry for future generations.
*To support general farm policies that will maintain rural incomes at a viable level.

Organization of California Dairy Campaign:
The California Dairy Campaign is a statewide membership association of family dairy producers that is recognized as a non-profit corporation. The CDC is governed by a state board, which is made up of elected members from each region by each region's members. The CDC, being a dairy producer organization, has a policy that a CDC board member may not be on the CDC board and a processor board simultaneously, in order to avoid conflict of interest.

The California Dairy Campaign offers a wide variety of services as part of your membership. We have an experienced staff who provide important information on farm program, labor, environmental, milk pricing and many other issues important to dairy producers.

If you have any questions regarding these services or others, please feel free to
Call the CDC office at
209.632.0885 or email us at and
We will be happy to discuss and provide assistance on these or any other issues.